GHRCCA is currently launching a four-year research project called “Improving access of vulnerable groups to HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment services in Kazakhstan” (BRIDGE project) in partnership with the Republican AIDS Center.
The aim of the study is to increase outreach to people who inject drugs (PWID) through HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services. The study will be conducted in the period of 2016-2020 in Almaty, as well as in Shymkent, Temirtau, and Karaganda. Under the study, surveys will be conducted and clinical and laboratory data will be collected. Research participants will be recited on the basis of Trust Points located at hospitals, regional/city AIDS centers, and non-governmental organizations.

Project activites:

Cooperation with AIDS Centers

  7. 08.12.2018 День открытых дверей в пункте доверия
  8. 12.12.2018 «Психикалық денсаулық орталығында» ашық есік күні –
  9. 14.09.2018ж. ҮЕҰ базасында тұрғындардың түйінді топтарын жедел әдіспен тестілеу ұйымдастырылды –
  10. 16.07.2018 Обучающий семинар по проекту «БРИДЖ» –
  11. Автобус здоровья курсировал по Алматы. 27 ноября еще 114 алматинцев сегодня узнали свой ВИЧ-статус.


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“Identification of gender specifics of the quality of life of PLHIV, level of stigma and discrimination,social and medical needs in 5 regions of Kazakhstan”

The project  is conducted by the Kazakhstan Network of Women Living with HIV with the technical support of The Global Health Research Center of Central Asia(GHRCCA) and funded by UNAIDS and UNIFEM. We will start this research in 5 different regions of Kazakhstan: Almaty, Taldykorgan (Almaty region), Pavlodar, Aksu (Pavlodar region), Temirtau and Karaganda (Karaganda region), Shymkent (South Kazakhstan region) and Ust-Kamenogorsk, Zyryanovsk (East Kazakhstan region). In general, 10 sites will take part in the collection of data for the project. The availability of such data will form the basis for future research and services to solve and improve some of the social and medical problems among PLHIV and will fight against stigma and discrimination.

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